Polymerization Inhibitors

Solana Chemical has access to global sources of polymerization inhibitors including major brand manufacturers like Eastman, Kawasaki Kasei, DIC and Rhodia, plus other high quality manufacturers in Europe and Asia. Materials include:

  • 1,4 Naphthoquinone (1,4 NAP) CAS# 130-15-4
  • Hydroquinone (HQ) CAS# 123-31-9
  • Para benzoquinone (PBQ) CAS# 106-51-4
  • Hydroquinone mono methyl ether (HQMME) CAS#150-76-5
  • Toluhydroquinone (THQ) CAS# 95-71-6
  • Methyl tert-butyl hydroquinone (MTBHQ) CAS# 1948-33-0
  • Di-tert-butyl hydroquinone (DTBHQ) CAS# 88-58-4
  • Tertiary butyl catechol (TBC) CAS# 98-29-3
  • Power Bloc proprietary inhibitor dispersions

    Solana Chemicals also formulates and provides other solutions, pastes and dispersions of these materials in numerous carriers and/or solvents

    Pigments & Dyes

    ChemPak repackages various pigments & dyes in precision weighed batch specific sizes for each customer. Many pigments are so fine that as soon as the manufacturer’s container is opened, the pigment seems to disperse throughout the room. ChemPak’s packaging solutions allow customers to use a single small container, for example ¼, ½ lb or 500g at a time to avoid these problems. The current products are mostly carbon blacks, reds, blues and yellows, but any color can be provided, including liquid or powder forms.

    Catalysts & Promoters

    Catalysts & Promoters are often reactive, difficult to handle, expensive, or all three. Smaller packages and/or batch specific sizes can encapsulate the material and help manage these issues. Encapsulation isolates the reactive material to:

  • prevent exposure of workers to potentially dangerous materials
    avoid inadvertent potentially dangerous reaction(s)

  • preserve or extend shelf life vs. larger containers or packages
    Batch specific amounts, ex. 100g can be packaged and included in a kit for practitioners/contractors who can then safely and efficiently activate and mix the material at the point of use

    Mold Release

    Solana Chemicals has developed a proprietary pumpable internal mold release for use in formulations that will be painted or glued. This formulation improves adhesion of paint or adhesives vs. dry zinc or calcium stearate. In addition, because it is pumpable, addition of mold release in your process can be automated, dispersion of slippery powders throughout the room can be eliminated. Improved industrial hygiene and cost savings can be achieved simultaneously.

    Clean Release internal mold release products

    Nuisance Materials

    Do you have any materials in your plant that are just plain difficult to handle? Solana Chemical can help with custom packaging solutions. These materials can range from hazardous or poisonous materials requiring exposure prevention, to things like pigments or dry stearates that just get everywhere and make a mess or present potential safety issues. High value, intermittent or low volume use materials are also good candidates because individual small packages can reduce spillage and/or waste, improve efficiency and enable improved inventory control.

  • Please contact us with your specific needs or challenges to see how we can help.